Sarah Güsten-Marr


After 45 years Artist and Musician Sarah Güsten-Marr returns to her birth country of Liberia to release her new song ‘Forgotten'.


The motivation behind the song Forgotten is to create awareness for the people who have been marginalized. Forgotten is a song dedicated to the Liberian people, written by one of their own. With the Forgotten song, creator Sarah Güsten-Marr hopes to bring together the Liberian people and create positive change through her music. 

Releasing the song Forgotten marks a significant moment for Sarah Güsten-Marr. Güsten-Marr was orphaned as a baby and luckily adopted by her loving German parents. Güsten-Marr believes that she has been truly blessed by receiving such a beautiful family and a wonderful international life. Music is a wonderful way to touch the human spirit, and through the gift of poetry in words and song, can encourage and bring strength.  

Feeling blessed to have experienced different cultures; Güsten-Marr has often found inspiration for her art and music in the people she meets. 



Music you are my everlasting healer

You are heaven’s gift to my mortal soul

No matter what the circumstance

You keep my spirit whole

To share my life with music 

Is a blessing from above

And I will always thank my maker 

For allowing me this love


- Sarah Güsten-Marr


Sarah Güsten-Marr was delighted to work closely with UK producer John Robinson of CliqueUK Productions. Güsten-Marr’s vision and John Robinson’s experience created this beautiful song.